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138L Dehumidifier
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138L Dehumidifier

World famous brand compressor with safety protection
Eco friendly refrigerant R410a/R22/R407c/R134a
Humidity control range 40%-95%RH
Product Description


Home Dehumidifier Pump Technical Parameters

DEHUMIDIFIER                                                                         DJ-1381E

World famous brand compressor with safety protection

Eco friendly refrigerant                                                          R410a/R22/R407c/R134a

Humidity control range                                                          40%-95%RH

Automatic defrosting

Automatic power on off according to ambient humidity

Rs485 socket with Modbus protocol connection

Timed on off setting with memory function

Model number                                                                           DJ-1381E

Nominal dehumidification                                                         138L/D

Power                                                                                         220V/50Hz

Rated input power                                                                     1.7KW

Circulating air flow                                                                      1300m³/h

Work temperature                                                                       5°C-38°C

Set range                                                                                      10%-95%

Weight                                                                                         57Kg

Overall size                                                                                540*460*1030mm

dehumidifier (37)

1.Proflute rotor,washable,10 years lifetime;

2.Equipped with an electric PTC regeneration heating;

3.Strong and robust construction with 1.2mm thickness;

4.SCR(silicon controlled rectifier) constant temperature controling system ensures inside temperature constant and promise the reliable and stable performance

5.Front & Back access door design for easier maintenance and troubleshooting;

6.Process air inlet and dry air outlet located at the same side for easier installation;

7.Customized filters,G4 efficiency;

8.Auto stop protection function for Rotor;

9.ABB,OMRON and Schneider electrical accessories;

10.Delay time protection circuit & fault locater system;

11.Humidistat is used,a better way to control humidity.