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Product Description


  • Control panel with 5 meters external data wire installaion

  • Humidity control range 45%-95%RH, accuarcy to 3%

  • 3 minutes delay start protection

  • Phase sequence error/phase missing protection

  • Refrigerant low pressure protection,Eco-friendly refrigerant

  • Error code display timely

  • Support function of timed on/off with memory setting

  • Support function of Rs485 connection for multiple units controlling

  • Support function of remote controlling

  • Automatically defrosting


The following are the precautions for dehumidifier application

Evaporation of the pool surface in indoor swimming pools results in high indoor air humidity,

which Why use a special dehumidifier for swimming pools?

As we all know, the continuouswill make metal structures more prone to rust and corrosion.

Destruction of walls, floors, and ceilings, the proliferation of bacteria can deteriorate the air quality, and the condensation of water vapor can also deteriorate building materials.

Another damage is invisible, that is, the air quality of indoor swimming pools.

If the humidity is not 40%-60%, then viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that reduce air quality will be greatly enhanced,

which will affect swimmers and pool people.

Diseases of the respiratory system and other systems.

Indoor air quality and humidity are the pain points of the swimming pool industry.

Because the highly corrosive environment will greatly reduce the service life of the swimming pool,

and the air quality is not up to standard, the health of the swimmers cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, the swimming pool of the swimming pool requires air temperature, humidity, water temperature.

Maintenance and maintenance of Rotary dehumidifier

Wheel dehumidifier is a very good type of dehumidifier, in many areas of wheel dehumidifier application is very extensive, but a lot of consumer is buying the wheel dehumidifier, for maintenance is not attaches great importance to this aspect, so caused the wheel dehumidifier is prone to failure, today we introduces some methods of the wheel dehumidifier maintenance for your understanding.

Rotary dehumidifier belongs to an important branch of air conditioning field and is a typical representative of heating dehumidification. At present, the main production area of the global wheel dehumidifier is concentrated in the United States, Japan, Sweden and China and other places. China's wheel dehumidifier has also been developed for more than 20 years. The maintenance and maintenance of the wheel dehumidifier should be carefully. Before that should know the wheel dehumidifier dehumidification principle is to use the silicone coating on the wheel will moisture in the air by physical adsorption in the synthesis of porous silica gel, and then the wheel blanket, water heating vaporization in silica gel adsorption holes, to ac type heat exchanger inlet, formation of high temperature and high humidity in the air.

1. The manufacture of dehumidifying runner is made of ceramic fiber paper with temperature resistance above 500℃. After the bee shaped runner is made by molding machine, silica gel is coated between the ceramic fibers, so the dehumidifying runner will not have combustion and deliquescence. Because its dehumidification function is to use physical action, rather than chemical action, so it will not produce any harmful chemical substances.

2. The dehumidification principle of rotary dehumidifier is to use the silica gel coated on the runner to physically adsorb the water in the air on the porous synthetic silica gel. Then, in the regeneration area of the runner, the water vapor adsorbed on the silica gel hole is heated and vaporized to the entrance of the alternating heat exchanger to form high temperature and high humidity air. Then it passes through the heat exchanger that has been cooled by the indoor cold and wet air, and the condensation water is discharged due to the difference in dew point.

1. The inlet and outlet of the Rotarydehumidifier shall not be blocked by obstacles, and the air filter network shall be cleaned.

2. Have professional personnel check the wheel dehumidifier regularly: Wheel dehumidifier after long-term use, the unit of electric circuits and control element can have different degrees of aging, serious will cause harm to the units and the human body, regular professional dehumidifier for circuit check to replace aging components, add refrigerant, can prevent aging components on the machine and human body harm, And can keep the dehumidifier in good working condition.

3. The wheel dehumidifier cleans the filter network regularly (about once every two weeks) to maintain the dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and service life of the machine. Wash the filter network with water below 40℃; Use detergent to clean better, wash off the dust, rinse with water, dry after the body. When cleaning the body, gently wipe with a damp cloth; Avoid direct water cleaning, so as not to damage electrical insulation.

4. If the humidity in the air is below 30%, it is too dry and uncomfortable, so the reliable humidity controller is controlled to maintain the range of 50% ~ 60%. When using doors and Windows as close as possible, so that indoor dehumidification effect. The body should be placed flat, not inclined or horizontal, to avoid machine failure or abnormal sound.

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