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industrial washing machine service
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industrial washing machine service

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industrial washing machine service

Industrial washing machine service

car smart washing machine price

The washing machine

A car wash is a machine that uses computer-controlled brushes and high-pressure water to clean cars automatically. It can be divided into: automatic car wash machine, coin-operated car wash machine. It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas path, waterway and mechanical structure. Car washing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, beautiful and generous, small damage to car paint.

Automatic car washing:


Complete function, reasonable structure, energy saving and environmental protection, quick cleaning, beautiful appearance, durable

Function Introduction:

1. Automatic induction water spray

2. Automatic shape scrub body

3. Spray car wash automatically

4. Rinse the chassis automatically

5. Automatically scrub the rims

6. Spray light wax automatically

7. Automatic detection by the system

8. Seven car wash Programs

Technical parameters:

1. Number of brushes:

There are 4 vertical brushes, 1 horizontal brush and 4 skirt brushes

Itemized system:

1) Computer control system: Siemens, Turk, Fujifilm and other international well-known components, reliable and stable performance. Advanced self-inspection test function can test car wash manual, automatic, motor, air pressure, water, wax spraying and other systems.

2) Safety protection system: advanced infrared electric eye can automatically sense the model, after the car washing machine starts, without manual selection, can automatically determine the model and wash the vehicle, the automatic car washing program can be manually controlled at the same time, to ensure the safety of the car washing.

3) Super soft special bristles: adopt the latest generation of foam brush. Super soft, doesn't hurt the body. The bristles and the body contact each point surface can maintain the average pressure, in the minimum pressure state, the bristles can thoroughly wrap the body and make it achieve the best car wash effect. The number of car washes has increased from 200,000 to 400,000.

Type of car washing machine

According to its working mode, the car wash can be divided into tunnel type and reciprocating two kinds.

Tunnel - The car wash does not move, the car is dragged by the machine, slowly through the work area of the car wash. Car wash machine according to the corresponding instruction program to achieve the working mode of cleaning cars. Such as: tunnel type continuous car wash machine; Large tunnel type (trolleybus, bus, subway, passenger train) cleaning machine.

Reciprocating - The way in which the car does not move and the car wash machine moves back and forth on the guide rail according to certain procedures while executing the car wash instructions. Such as: gantry reciprocating car wash machine, large (medium and small) type mobile car wash machine.

Computer car wash

A new way of car washing, computer car washing is to use high density foam quickly on the surface of the body of the wash, it is convenient and fast. The characteristics of non-damaging car paint quickly gained the following of the domestic car wash industry. Security technology, through the use of advanced optoelectronic devices automatically detect be cleaning vehicle models, so as to automatically adjust the spray rod and the distance of the car body, car washer to be precisely wash clean vehicle parts, including tires for the car chassis and the cleaning process is a key operation, fast and convenient, save time and effort! Fast car wash! Air drying effect is good.

Mobile car wash

Beautiful style: the appearance design is exquisite and beautiful, professional, high-grade, high degree of acceptance of car owners;

Leading technology: the introduction of high-end core technology, built-in functional design, high degree of automation, stable performance, easy to operate;

Complete functions: with high pressure micro water cleaning, high power vacuuming, polishing and waxing and other functions, cleaning car effect is good;

Excellent workmanship: the shell is made of stainless steel, durable, imported materials from Germany, excellent quality;

Environmental protection and water saving: washing a car about 8 liters of water, compared with the traditional car wash to save about 80% of water;

Pressure adjustable: spray gun has two modes of atomization and high pressure, which can be adjusted to achieve the best effect.

Self-supplied POWER supply: without external power supply, equipped with 12V battery charging, can be a large range of car washing operations, mobile freely

The steam car wash

In some developed countries of Europe the city planning will build some convenient service sites, 24 hours for community residents of community self-help shopping, self-help washing machine, a portable device self-service charging, garbage recycling, etc., because the government investment belong to the community, so is not profitable for the purpose, the price of goods is very cheap, The equipment used in Shenzhen Urban Green Station technology is energy saving and environmental protection, self-service coin system equipment, there are many such urban green stations in Europe.

The characteristics (car smart washing machine price)

1 Fast and safe

Adopt "instantaneous vaporization" technology, water and steam at the same time, no need to boil water and steam, equipped with multiple safety protection devices and temperature limit power failure, leakage and overlock protection involved, to ensure the safety of the whole machine.

2 Economy, energy saving

Reasonable design, small reactive power consumption when starting and stopping; Can be used according to different occasions, independent choice of different steam dry humidity, convenient and economic, energy saving effect is obvious.

3. Stable and durable

The design of large safety factor, excellent material selection, stable and mature technology, and the characteristics of no structure, to ensure a long-term stable and good working state of the car wash machine.

4. Convenient and easy to use

Fully automatic design, as long as the switch is turned on, without any technical requirements, everything is in control


1 Out of the box

Cold machine start, only 60 seconds heat machine; Standby state, ready to use

2 Never scale

That is, hot working principle, can never scale, remove the trouble of descaling

3 Flexible wet and dry

Can choose from unsaturated steam to superheated steam, at will

4 Overvoltage protection

High sensitivity sensing air pressure, reaching the design pressure automatically stop working

5. Higher Stress

The design work pressure breaks through the traditional pressure ceiling, the car wash is more thorough

6 Standby holding pressure

Working gap, automatic perception, enter maintain pressure, power saving standby state

7 Save Energy

Patented technology, small thermal inertia, switching machine energy saving > 90%, good insulation, working state to save heat loss 10-20%

8 Water saving and high efficiency

With all the common steam car wash, a large amount of water resources saving, good cleaning effect, disinfection and sterilization, while reducing the pollution of the environment when washing the car.