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Chest Freezer (Single Temperature)Unit
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Chest Freezer (Single Temperature)Unit

Product Description

Chest Freezer

Name Model No. Temp.(℃) Dimension (L*W*H) Compressor Refrigerant Capacity Loading Qty.
refrigerated showcase KX-1.2WFB 2~10 1200*730*1200 Embraco/Wanbao R134a 310L 46SETS/40HQ
KX-1.5WFB 2~10 1500*730*1200 Embraco/Wanbao R134a 390L 28SETS/40'HQ
KX-2.0WFB 2~10 2000*730*1200 Embraco/Wanbao R134a 530L 28SETS/40'HQ
Island freezer KX-528PRB 0~8 1860*855*900 Embraco R134a 528 24SETS/40'HQ
KX-588PRB 0~8 2103*855*900 Embraco R404A/R507 588 24SETS/40'HQ
multi deck refrigerator KX-1.2LFC 2~+10 1200*740*1980 Embraco R404A 680L 23SETS/40GP

Freezer, is a kind of low temperature refrigerated freezing equipment in order to achieve deep freezing effect. Often called freezers, freezers, etc. Freezers are used for many purposes, from the food industry to the medical industry and so on. According to different use environment and use effect requirements, the refrigeration space of the quick-freezing cabinet from -45℃ to 0℃, each has its own interval.

Household freezer: Generally refers to the capacity is relatively small, more energy saving, in line with the needs of family life, the use of civil lighting power freezer

Commercial freezers: refer to the freezers with large capacity and practicality, which can use industrial electricity.

Cleaning and maintenance:

It must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. This way, you can ensure that the ice cream is of high quality and follows hygienic standards.

Rinse the machine with clean water after cleaning, and disinfect drinking water regularly. ·

The fat in ice cream is a breeding ground for fungi andbacteria.

To avoid contamination, all areas that come into contact with ice cream ingredients must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Stainless steel, plastic, rubber components, these components are designed to facilitate cleaning, but do not absolutely prevent mold and bacteria formation.

Best best plumbed fridge freezer under 10000

Generally according to its internal cooling, use, climate environment, appearance, placement of refrigeration classification

Shape classification

Single door best plumbed fridge freezer: cold room and freezer together in the box with only one door of the best plumbed fridge freezer called single door best plumbed fridge freezer, refrigeration and preservation is given priority to, simple structure, convenient use, less power consumption, low price.

best plumbed fridge freezer: cold room and freezer room separated, with two box doors, above the small door is the freezer room, the following door is the freezer, the structure of the two-door best plumbed fridge freezer is more complex than the single door best plumbed fridge freezer, with more materials, the price is more expensive.

Three-door best plumbed fridge freezer: ON the basis of two-door best plumbed fridge freezer, a fruit and vegetable room is added below, and after opening the door alone outside, it became three-door best plumbed fridge freezer. The volume of three-door best plumbed fridge freezer is relatively large, more than 200L, there are 3 different temperature areas, suitable for freezing, refrigeration, fresh-keeping and fruit and vegetable storage.

Four-door best plumbed fridge freezer: On the basis of the three-door best plumbed fridge freezer, the four-door best plumbed fridge freezer is formed by adding an independent mild freezer room (also known as the preservation room) with a temperature of 0~1℃ that can store fresh fish between the cold room and the fruit and vegetable room. The four-door best plumbed fridge freezer has four temperature zones, which is suitable for freezing, refrigerating, fresh-keeping and fruit and vegetable storage.

Folding refrigeration air mode

Gas compression best plumbed fridge freezer: it is relying on low boiling point liquid refrigerant (such as Freon R12) when the evaporation of heat to achieve the purpose of refrigeration, and then the compressor evaporation compression, and then make the heat liquefaction, so as to complete the refrigeration cycle of the best plumbed fridge freezer. Due to the theory and production technology of this best plumbed fridge freezer, the process is relatively mature, long service life, so the current domestic production of best plumbed fridge freezers, more than 90% are this kind of best plumbed fridge freezer.

Gas absorption best plumbed fridge freezer: it is powered by heat source, ammonia is commonly used as refrigerant, hydrogen, which can cause liquid ammonia evaporation condition, is used as diffusion agent, and ammonia, water and hydrogen are mixed to complete the continuous "absorption ‐ diffusion" mode of best plumbed fridge freezer. Because there is no running machinery, so it has no noise, simple structure, low cost, not easy to damage, long service life. It can be heated by electricity, natural gas, kerosene lamp and solar energy and other heat sources to make it work.

Semiconductor best plumbed fridge freezer: it is the use of semiconductor materials to produce Pearl effect to work, that is, P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor made of electric couple, connected to direct current, at the node to produce heat release and heat absorption phenomenon, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Compared with mechanical refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration has the characteristics of small size, light weight, no noise, no vibration, no wear, long life, convenient cooling rate adjustment, no pollution and so on. However, due to the high price, it is not widely used.

Method of use

Temperature compensation switch

The use method of best plumbed fridge freezer temperature compensation switch is based on the characteristics of temperature difference between north and south of our country. In the case of low environmental temperature (10℃ below), you should open the temperature compensation switch in order to use it normally. When the ambient temperature is low, if the temperature compensation switch is not turned on to use, the working times of the compressor will be significantly reduced or not working, the start-up time is short, the shutdown time is long, resulting in high temperature of the freezer room, frozen food cannot be completely frozen, so the temperature compensation switch must be turned on to use. (The principle is that when the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to turn on the switch to warm the best plumbed fridge freezer freezer, so that the best plumbed fridge freezer will work passively, so that the freezer room temperature will remain cold and frozen.) Turning on the temperature compensation switch does not affect the service life of the best plumbed fridge freezer. When the winter is over and the ambient temperature rises, please turn off the temperature compensation switch when the ambient temperature is higher than 15℃, so as to avoid frequent startup of the compressor and save electricity.

The thermostat

In the process of using the best plumbed fridge freezer, its working time and power consumption are greatly affected by the environmental temperature, so we need to choose different stalls in different seasons to use, the best plumbed fridge freezer thermostat should open low in summer and high in winter. Summer temperature is high, should be used in low gear for 2, 3, and winter temperature low, should be used in strong block 4, 5, reason: in the summer, the temperature is higher (up to 30 ℃), indoor temperature for frozen in strong block (4, 5), da below 18 ℃, the internal and external temperature difference is big, so the drop in temperature in the cabinet 1 ℃ are very difficult, moreover, The loss of cooling air through the box insulation layer and door seal will also be accelerated, so that the startup time is very long and the shutdown time is very short, which will lead to the compressor running for a long time at high temperature, which consumes electricity and easily damages the compressor. If it is changed to weak gear (2, 3 gear) at this time, it will be found that the startup time of the best plumbed fridge freezer is significantly shorter, and reduce the wear of the compressor, and extend the service life. So in summer, when the temperature is high, the temperature control is set to a weak gear. When the ambient temperature is low in winter, if the temperature controller is still adjusted to the weak gear, so the temperature difference between the inside and outside is small, the compressor will not be easy to start, and the best plumbed fridge freezer with a single refrigeration system may also appear the phenomenon of freezing chamber.

The correct setting temperature of best plumbed fridge freezer freezer is set to 5-7 degrees, which can ensure the fresh-keeping effect of food, and also avoid the waste of resources caused by too low temperature setting

The cause of frost

One, away from the heat source, keep the gap

For every 5 ° C increase in the temperature around the best plumbed fridge freezer, its internal power consumption increases by 25%. Accordingly, SHOULD PLACE as far as POSSIBLE from heat source place, WITH ventilated shady place had better. Don't put hot food directly in the best plumbed fridge freezer until it comes to room temperature. The food in the freezer is best packaged in plastic bags, which can be quickly frozen, not easy to dry, and avoid moisture into frost; Food should not be too full, and there should be a gap between the best plumbed fridge freezer wall, in order to facilitate the flow of air conditioning; Frozen food, in the best plan before eating it to thaw it in the freezer.

Two, open the door avoid frequent

If the door is opened too frequently, on the one hand, the electricity consumption of the best plumbed fridge freezer will increase significantly, but also reduce the service life of the best plumbed fridge freezer. Because the door of the best plumbed fridge freezer is large, if the door is opened more times, the cool air in the box escapes, and the warm and humid air outside the box takes advantage of the opportunity to enter, the temperature in the box will rise. At the same time, the moist air entering the box is easy to accelerate the frost on the surface of the evaporator and thicken the frost layer. Because the thermal conductivity of frost is much smaller than that of evaporator material, it is not conducive to heat conduction, resulting in a slow drop in the temperature in the box, the growth of compressor working time, accelerated wear, and increased power consumption. If the frost layer thickness on the evaporator surface is greater than 10 mm, the heat transfer efficiency will decrease by more than 30%, resulting in a significant reduction in refrigeration efficiency. In addition, when the door is opened, the light in the box is opened, which not only consumes energy but also sends out heat, which is obviously not conducive to energy saving.

Three, power failure preservation, wrong peak power consumption

If you are worried about power shortages during peak periods, we suggest that you use a best plumbed fridge freezer with time-sharing, blackout and preservation functions. The best plumbed fridge freezer can be cooled and kept fresh in the case of power cuts and sudden blackouts for up to 20 hours. Moreover, its "time-sharing power" function can avoid cooling during peak hours when electricity prices are expensive, and automatically realize "off-peak power consumption".

In Beijing, for example, if the price of electricity from 22pm to 8am the next day is a quarter of the peak price, consumers can input information about the trough period from 22pm to 8am into the best plumbed fridge freezer computer control panel. In this way, the best plumbed fridge freezer refrigeration system will automatically turn on at 22 o 'clock in the evening for refrigeration and cold storage. When the electricity price rises at 8 o 'clock in the morning, a micro fan driven by the battery will blow the cold amount of the best plumbed fridge freezer to the food in the best plumbed fridge freezer, so as to make full use of cheap valley electricity and avoid expensive peak electricity.

best plumbed fridge freezer Summer Precautions

The weather is getting hotter and the best plumbed fridge freezer is being used more, but remember that the best plumbed fridge freezer can only keep food for a longer period of time, not a safe deposit box. Over a certain period of time, the food stored in the best plumbed fridge freezer will lose its original delicious taste and nutritional content. Because into the food may have brought some bacteria and viruses, the temperature of the best plumbed fridge freezer cold room is not zero, many bacteria can lurk in the low temperature environment, waiting for a long time will wait for a large number of reproduction, making waves, so that the preserved food moldy, corruption metamorphism. Therefore, the following precautions should be taken:

1. The food in the best plumbed fridge freezer must be clean and clean. Wash and drain fruits, vegetables and other raw foods before placing them. Raw fish, chicken and duck should be removed from the viscera and washed before being placed in the fridge.

2, best plumbed fridge freezer use one to two weeks, the application of a soft cloth dipped in warm water to wipe one to two times, do not use washing powder, detergent powder and gasoline to wipe.

3, raw food and cooked food should not be kept in a container, raw vegetables, fruits and raw meat, fish and other contact, to prevent bacterial contamination.

4, put in the best plumbed fridge freezer between the food to have a certain gap, do not close to the best plumbed fridge freezer left, right wall and back wall, in order to cool convection, the best plumbed fridge freezer should not be too full.

5. Minimize the time and frequency of opening the best plumbed fridge freezer door and reduce the entry of external heat. Author experience cold room put food is unfavorable to exceed 5 to 7 days generally, if the food that takes out is found to have moldy, corrupt change taste should not eat again.

6. In hot summer weather, cold drinks, frozen drinks, fruits and food taken out of the best plumbed fridge freezer should be slightly placed at room temperature before eating, to avoid sudden cold drink stimulation caused by stomach pain, enteritis, diarrhea or make the original hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases aggravated, the elderly, children especially pay attention to.

7, the placement of the best plumbed fridge freezer is also exquisite, generally should pay attention to the following two problems:

When placing the best plumbed fridge freezer, 5-10 cm of space should be reserved on both sides, 10 cm above the best plumbed fridge freezer, and 10 cm behind the best plumbed fridge freezer to help heat dissipation. Do not store with appliances such as stereos, televisions and microwaves, which generate heat that increases the power consumption of the best plumbed fridge freezer.

best plumbed fridge freezer maintenance

The best plumbed fridge freezer should not be overfilled and should have adequate space to allow cool air to penetrate all the stock. In addition, the best plumbed fridge freezer should be disinfected regularly. 3-4 weeks to use dilute bleach water or 0.1% potassium permanganate water wipe once, at the same time to regularly clean the best plumbed fridge freezer, including the board layer, especially the filter screen, where dirt and bacteria are often accumulated.

9 Steps to Cleaning your best plumbed fridge freezer:

1. It is best to clean the best plumbed fridge freezer shell every day, and wipe the best plumbed fridge freezer shell and handle with a soft cloth every day.

2. Cut off the power supply and take out the food in the best plumbed fridge freezer before cleaning the tank.

3, soft cloth dipped in water or dish detergent, gently scrub, and then dipped in water will dish detergent wipe away.

4. Remove the accessories in the box and clean with water or dish soap.

5, clean the best plumbed fridge freezer "switch", "light" and "thermostat" and other facilities, please twist the rag or sponge dry.

6. After cleaning the inner wall, it will be easier to wipe the inner wall of the best plumbed fridge freezer next time with a soft cloth dipped in glycerin (medical cellox).

7. Clean and wipe the seal with an alcohol-soaked cloth. If alcohol is not on hand, wipe the seal with 1:1 vinegar water for good disinfection.

8. Clean the ventilation grid on the back of the best plumbed fridge freezer with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush, and do not use a wet cloth to avoid rust.

9. After cleaning, plug in the power supply and check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position.

Regular proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the best plumbed fridge freezer. Be sure to unplug the best plumbed fridge freezer before maintaining it.

1. Clean the dust from the condenser and compressor on the back or bottom of the best plumbed fridge freezer frequently. Dust can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or brush. Be careful not to dust the best plumbed fridge freezer and compressor with a damp cloth.

2. When the best plumbed fridge freezer is out of use for a long time, cut off the power supply first, take out all the food in the box, clean up the inside and outside of the box, open the door for several days, make the box fully dry and disperse the odor in the best plumbed fridge freezer.

3. Check the drain pipe. If the drain is blocked, water will leak into the best plumbed fridge freezer. The drain pipe should be prodded with a wire to remove any accumulation on it.

4. Do not ignore the cleaning of the door sealing strip. Dilute the bleach with 10 times water and wet it with a toothbrush. The dirty rubber strip is easy to age, which will affect the sealing of the best plumbed fridge freezer and increase electricity consumption.

5. Check vibration, noise, and compressor temperature. Touch the compressor shell in operation, there should be no obvious vibration, should not hear the compressor obviously start sound during the day.

6. Pay attention to check whether there are cracks on the power cord to prevent leakage.

7. Clean and dry the inside and outside of the best plumbed fridge freezer with warm water or neutral detergent, and leave the door open for ventilation and drying for one day.

Common Sense about best plumbed fridge freezers

How much do you know about best plumbed fridge freezers? Air cooling and direct cooling have their own advantages and disadvantages, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here just list the advantages and disadvantages of air cooling and straight cooling, for everyone's reference, in the purchase of best plumbed fridge freezer, to combine their own situation, choose to suit their own is the best.

First, the cut-off point between air cooling and direct cooling is about 300 liters, and large volume multi-room air cooling has advantages.

Two, large volume, more rooms, air cooling in the distribution of cold volume has an absolute advantage. If direct cooling is adopted, there will be technical obstacles and it is not easy to achieve. Three straight cooling rooms are basically the limit, if you want to do more rooms, some performance will be sacrificed. Therefore, when you see some large volume multi-room (or even drawer door) straight ice boxes on the market, don't believe it. This kind of product is not rare on the market, mostly concentrated in small brand products, mainly sold in the third and fourth markets. It can also be seen around some big cities and in wholesale home appliance markets.

More than three, air-cooled best plumbed fridge freezer because the supply air fan, so the best plumbed fridge freezer indoor temperature is average, not big changes in temperature, cooling effect and nature is good, but also consider the role of fan and complex circuit design, in terms of energy consumption and noise, air cooled best plumbed fridge freezer is higher than the freezer of a lot.

Four, direct cooling because there is no electric fan, will not produce additional noise and power consumption, but also will not cause drying phenomenon on the food surface due to blowing.

Five, air cooling because of the forced circulation of cold air, so the cooling speed is fast, the temperature balance is good, which is its inherent advantages, direct cooling can not be compared. Direct cooling depends on natural convection, so the temperature equilibrium is relatively poor, and the cooling speed is relatively low.

Six, air cooling inherent defrosting cycle, fan and internal multiple compensation heaters, resulting in power consumption and noise are higher than the straight ice box, so similar circumstances air cooling must not have an advantage in these two items, look at the national and international best plumbed fridge freezer performance and energy consumption level standards are very clear about this point. Therefore, it boasts that air cooling is less energy consumption and noise than direct cooling, but it is not compared under the same conditions.

Seven, straight cold manual defrosting is really annoying, the so-called micro frost design is frozen all using the whole drawer, reduce the air flow inside the door to reduce frost. Even if such general half a year also needs to defrost, if the number of open doors can be rarely extended, otherwise shortened. Frost can also become severe if the door is poorly sealed or aged. With the extension of the use time, the number of defrosting will increase.

Eight, air cooling because of the use of air forced circulation, so the smell will move in all rooms. Dual-system air-cooled best plumbed fridge freezers, which separate freezing from refrigeration, are becoming more common.

Nine, the air-cooled best plumbed fridge freezer constantly brings the moisture in the box to the evaporator, defrosting then flows away, brings the dry consumption in the box, is not conducive to preservation, which is also the inherent disadvantage of air cooling. Although there are also some so-called preservation technology, but in a small area (such as a relatively sealed space), do not let cold air into, only from around the flow, the space is actually close to natural convection, but a small space of direct cold.

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