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Dc Inverter Split Type Heat Pump,15kw,
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Dc Inverter Split Type Heat Pump,15kw,

-Rated heating: Inlet/outlet temperature 40°C/45°C. Dry bulb/wet bulb temperature 7°C/6°C
-Nominal heating: Outlet temperature 41°C. Dry bulb/wet bulb temperature -12°C/-14°C
-Low temperature heating: Outlet temperature 41°C. Dry bulb/wet bulb temperature -20°C/-21°C
-Rated cooling: Inlet/outlet temperature 12°C/7°C. Dry bulb/wet bulb temperature 35°C/24°C
-Internal and external machine connection copper pipe are 5m. If need for exceeds 7.5m, you need to contact the manufacturer to change the amount of refrigerant.
Product Description

Air Source Heat Pump Air To Water Specification

Rated Heating
Heating capacitykW9151820
Power inputkW2.594.315.145.81
Nominal HeatingHeating capacitykW5.5310.512.114.5
Power inputkW2.344.435.136.01
Low Temp. HeatingIPLV(H)W/W2.82.852.852.86
Heating capacitykW4.58.910.112.5
Power inputkW2.344.565.15.95
Rated CoolingCooling capacitykW811.512
Power inputkW3.24.64.8
Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz220/1/50
Max. Power Input (With E-Heater)kW4.4(+3)5.2(+3)6.6(+3)7.1(+3)
Max. Current InputA20(+13.6)23.7(+13.6)30(+13.6)32.5(+13.6A)
(With E-Heater)
Max. Water Temp.58
Without E-Heater)
Working Range-30 to 43-35 to 43
(Ambient temp.)
Refrigeration CirculationRefrigerantTypeR410A
EvaporatorTypeHigh efficiency hydrophilic aluminum foil fin heat exchanger
EEVTypeElectronic Expansion Valve
Fan MotorQty.12
Fan Blades SizemmΦ560*139Φ525*135
Liquid valve sizeinch(mm)3/8"(9.52)
Gas valve sizeinch(mm)5/8"(15.88)
Water SystemCondenserTypeTube in tube heat exchanger
Water PumpTypeShielded pump
Water Flowm³/h1.381.982.062.5
Water Dropkpa35353848
Air Vent ValveTypeStandard
Pressure Release ValveTypeStandard
Buffer TankL5
Water Inlet/Outletinch(mm)5/4" male
Pipe Size
Net Dimensionsindoor Unitmm760x510x330
Outdoor Unitmm947x403x813940x393x1373
Package Sizeindoor Unitmm795x562x373
Outdoor Unitmm1050x468x8471060x490x1395
N.W.Indoor Unitkg43
Outdoor Unitkg63110115
G.W.Indoor Unitkg48
Outdoor Unitkg70125130
Indoor UnitdB(A)≤35
Outdoor UnitdB(A)≤59.5≤61.5≤62

Air energy heat pump is to use the heat in the air to generate heat energy, can 24 hours a day, high water pressure, constant temperature to provide the whole family with different hot water, heating and cooling needs, and at the same time to consume the least energy to complete the above requirements.

The principle

Air energy heat pumps operate on the "reverse Carnot" principle, the reverse Carnot cycle principle. Operating through a compressor system, it absorbs heat from the air to produce hot water. The specific process is: the compressor compresses the refrigerant, the temperature rises after compression, and the refrigerant passes through the condenser in the tank to produce hot water. The refrigerant after heat exchange returns to the compressor for the next cycle. In this process, the air heat is absorbed into the refrigerant through the evaporator, and the refrigerant is introduced into the water to produce hot water. Air heat pump water heater is a new generation of water heater which is heated by compressor air. Metaphorically speaking, the "outdoor machine" compresses the air like a pump, raising the temperature of the air, and then conducts heat to the indoor water storage tank through a liquid that will boil at -17 ° C, and then releases heat to the water.

The heat pump works on the principle of heating, as opposed to air conditioning refrigeration - the national refrigeration standard is 1000 watts, and electric refrigeration is 2800 watts. According to the principle of heat balance, at least 2800 watts of heat is generated at the same time, plus the input of 1000 watts of electricity, the actual heat generated in 3000- 4000 watts, the heat is transported to the insulated water tank, its power consumption is only a quarter of the electric water heater (even if the thermal efficiency is 100%, the input of 1000 electricity is only 1000 watts of heat).

Air-powered water heaters do not require sunlight, so they can be placed at home or outside. Therefore, most of the manufacturers of the machine have a separate machine and a machine, solar water heater storage after the water is used up, it is difficult to immediately produce hot water. If the electric heating takes a long time, and the air heater as long as there is air, the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius, it can operate 24 hours a day under pressure. In this way, once a tank of water is used, another tank of hot water will be produced in an hour or so. At the same time, it can fundamentally eliminate the electric water heater leakage, dry burning and gas water heater when the use of harmful gas and other safety hazards, overcome the solar water heater overcast and rainy days can not be used and installation inconvenience and other shortcomings, with high safety, high energy saving, long life, no gas emissions and many other advantages. Air energy water heaters generally have a life span of 10 to 15 years.

The installation

Air energy heat pump is usually installed in the kitchen balcony, the outlet is linked to the kitchen through the air duct, so that the cold air blown out can directly enter the kitchen, to achieve the effect of refrigeration. When installing, only the cold and hot water mouth and the house reserved cold and hot water link, can be used, the installation is very simple, but the effect is not too good.


"Safety + save money + comfort + environmental protection + durable ":

1.safety: no gas, will not produce any exhaust gas, more will not appear "gas poisoning "; No electric heating rod heating, there is no danger of electric leakage, care for family health and safety.

2.save money :COP value more than 3, energy efficiency ratio is high, absolute power saving, money saving. Can save 2/3~3/4 of the electricity BILL, OR SAVE 1/2~2/3 OF THE GAS BILL AND solar water heater auxiliary HEATING BILL.

3.comfort: patent technology - flow indirect heating, automatic constant temperature pressure water supply, in the use of hot water will not be sometimes hot and sometimes cold, hot water pressure, good comfort. All-weather, year-round water supply, to make up for the solar hot water system cloudy and rainy, night, no sunlight, cold when no hot water available embarrassment.

4. Environmental protection: the cold air from the air (heat pump) water heater is conducive to reducing the room temperature.

5.durable: selected world famous brand parts, five-fold anti-rust technology, the shell is made of corrosion-resistant, super-thick coated steel plate or stainless steel plate, the equipment performance is stable, the service life of 15 years.

High thermal efficiency

Compared with coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, gas-fired boiler and electric water heater, heat pump water heater is the most efficient water heater.

The efficiency of oil-fired boiler is 65%-75%, the efficiency of electric water heater is 70%-80%, and the efficiency of heat pump is 300%-500%.

Because heat pump water heaters have a high thermal efficiency of 300%-500%, making hot water extremely cheap to prepare, electricity is naturally saved. Other heat pump products also save electricity, but the difference is in cost.

Heating and refrigeration integrated

Air (heat pump) water heater sets water heating, heating, dehumidification, cooling, air filtration and other functions as one:

Year-round regardless of rain, rain or snow, 24/7 uninterrupted continuous automatic supply of hot water;

Efficient dehumidification, 24 hours a day maximum dehumidification 6~8 kg, plum rain and rainy weather effect is obvious;

Filter indoor air, when installed in the kitchen, the effect is more obvious.

Additional heating accessories, winter can make the indoor temperature above 5℃, so that study, entertainment, sleep more comfortable.

It works at low temperatures

Rain or shine, day or night, as long as there is air, hot water can be made. At room temperature, 180L of hot water can be produced per hour. However, when the weather is cold and the ambient temperature is low, it will decrease slightly. Especially at -10℃ easy to frosting, defrosting problem is the main difference between other brands of heat pumps

Maintenance methods

1. Air source heat pump water heater is a high degree of automation equipment, the use of regular unit status check, if the unit can carry out long-term effective maintenance and maintenance, the operation reliability and service life of the unit will be unexpectedly improved.

2. Air source heat pump water heater often check whether the power supply and electrical system wiring of the unit is firm, whether there is abnormal electrical components, if there should be timely maintenance and replacement.

3. The water filter installed outside the machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water quality in the system is clean, so as to avoid damage to the main engine caused by dirty and blocked filters of the unit.

4. Do not pile up sundries around the unit to avoid blocking the air inlet and outlet. The unit should be kept clean and dry with good ventilation.

5. The user should pay attention when using and maintaining the air energy heat pump unit: all the safety protection devices in the unit are set up before leaving the factory, do not disassemble or adjust by themselves.

6. Often check the water system, water tank safety valve, level controller and exhaust device work normally, so as to avoid air entering the system to reduce the amount of water circulation, thereby affecting the heat production unit and the reliability of the unit operation.

7. Regularly check the working conditions of each component of the unit, check whether there is oil pollution in the pipeline joints and inflation valves, and ensure that there is no leakage of refrigerant in the unit.

8. The unit should be kept clean and dry with good ventilation. Clean the air side heat exchanger every year to maintain good heat transfer effect.

9. Check whether the water pump and water valve are working properly, and whether the water pipe and water pipe connector are leaking.

10. For the condenser cleaning of the main engine, we suggest to use 50℃-60℃ hot phosphate solution with 15% concentration to clean the condenser every two years, start the circulating water pump of the main engine for 3 hours, and finally clean it with tap water for 3 times. In case of cleaning. Do not use corrosive cleaning solution to clean the condenser.

11. If the shutdown time is long, the water in the unit pipeline should be discharged, the power supply should be cut off, and the protective cover should be put on. When running again, check the system thoroughly before starting up.

12. When the actual outlet temperature of the air source heat pump water heater is inconsistent with the value displayed on the control panel of the unit, please check whether the temperature sensing device is in good contact.

13. The water tank needs to be cleaned after a period of time (generally 3 months, depending on the local water quality).

14. If the unit fails and the user cannot solve the problem, please report to the after-sales service department in time and inform the fault code so that someone can be sent for repair in time.

The Install

(1) Do not install in the place with high-frequency facilities, so as not to affect the normal use of the control function;

(2) Do not install in the place where there is oil smoke, so as not to attach the oil smoke to the air side heat exchanger fin, affecting the energy saving effect;

(3) The unit can be installed on the exterior wall, roof, balcony, ground; The outlet should avoid the windward direction;

(4) The installation base or mounting bracket must be solid and firm, which should be able to bear the weight of the unit operation; M10 X 100 expansion bolts shall be used as fasteners to fix the unit in areas with strong wind (typhoon) or when the unit is required to be fixed, to prevent the unit from shaking or generating unnecessary mechanical noise, and to ensure the smooth operation of the unit;

(5) If the canopy is set, the air side heat exchanger of the unit should be prevented from being affected by the external environment, and attention should be paid to ensure that its heat absorption and heat dissipation are not hindered; (6) Condensate water of the unit should be diverted to the sewer or drain by a drainage hose;

(7) The installation should be put an end to the circulation heat transfer generated by the inlet and exhaust air, and the inlet and exhaust air should retain a certain net space. If the space is not enough, the exhaust pipe must be installed to draw out the cold air in time;

(8) It is suggested that rubber pad should be added to the foot of the unit during installation for shock and noise prevention.

Water tank installation

1. The thermal insulation water tank shall be installed within 2.5m of the main engine. It can be installed outdoors with the heat pump, such as balcony, roof, ground, or indoor. The water storage tank must be installed on the ground, with 10cm footpads at the bottom. The foundation of the installation site is solid, and the weight of 500Kg must be borne. It cannot be hung on the wall.

2. Near the water storage tank, as well as the water pipe and hot water pipe interface, the interface is equipped with valves.

Note: Power sockets must be reliably grounded!

Connection of waterways:

1. Connect one end of the check valve/pressure relief valve with the water pipe, and connect the other end with the water inlet pipe of the water tank. Note: The water outlet of the storage tank must be connected with a length of PPR pipe above 1.5 meters.

2, fill with water: open the tap water inlet valve, open the hot water pipe out of the faucet. Start filling water until water overflows from the faucet. Turn off the faucet. Water leakage detection, to ensure that no water leakage can be.

Note: Before the first use of the power supply, ensure that the water in the insulated water tank is fully filled.

Common sense

Have occurred

Will scale be produced because air energy water heater - household heat pump water heater uses medium temperature (55℃) and the unique patented technology of "over-flow indirect heating" to produce hot water, will produce a small amount of scale. The general electric water heater is heated at 80-100 ℃, so it is easy to produce scale, which then causes the decrease of thermal efficiency, the increase of electricity consumption, the decrease of water outlet pressure, and even the cause of safety accidents.

Temperature, water consumption

Bath water temperature is the most appropriate 42℃, the elderly can be slightly higher 1-2℃, shower water per person about 40~50 liters. Bathtub and jacuzzi are determined according to capacity.

How much hot water can be made

From the product performance and theory, air energy water heater - household heat pump water heater, can be recycled, continuously produce hot water. At room temperature, hot water can be produced per hour as follows (45℃-55℃): according to the size of the unit.