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Diesel generator set
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Diesel generator set

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Diesel generator set

Diesel generator set 150kw diesel generator factory

It is composed of engine, generator and control system, so it is called generator set.

Diesel generator set is a kind of power equipment which takes diesel engine as prime mover and drags synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a kind of power generation device with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, less investment and strong adaptability to the environment.

150kw diesel generator factory


Diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with diesel as the main fuel. It takes diesel engine as the prime power to drive the generator (namely, the electric ball) to generate electricity and convert the kinetic energy into electric energy and heat energy. The whole diesel generator set is mainly divided into three parts:

1. Diesel engine.

2, generator (namely electric ball).

3. Controller.

Subdivision: base, diesel engine, base oil tank, generator set (that is, electric ball), controller (play the role of control, also play the role of protection unit), radiator (air-cooled: fan; Water cooling: water tank), static speaker and other components. According to different requirements of different places, we put the generator set is divided into fixed and mobile trailer, in order to reduce the noise made by a generator, reduce influence people's work and life, prompting designers designed with static sound generator set, which is installed on the outside of the generator set a metal box, internal adhesion sound-absorbing material, Thus, the generator set around the protection, the box on both sides of the door, so that it is convenient for people to repair and control the generator set. Static SOUND BOX NOT ONLY REDUCED THE noise THAT GENERATOR SET PLACE GIVES OUT, AND CAN BE PUT OUTDOORS, BOX RESEMBLES A HOUSE, BASK IN, PREVENT RAIN, LET PEOPLE SAVE THE TROUBLE THAT DOES NOT HAVE A PLACE TO DO COMPUTER ROOM. Diesel generator sets are divided into common generator sets and standby generator sets, and the power is also divided into common power and standby power accordingly. The standard common power of each generator set is generally 80% of the standby power. According to different needs, usually use the state grid, because of the need for power, please use the standby diesel generator set; If you need to run for a long time, please choose the commonly used diesel generator set, regular maintenance, commonly used diesel generator set annual operation time can be more than 300 days. The relationship between the common power and the standby power is as follows: for example, if the user needs a 100KW diesel generator set, the common power of the standby 100KW diesel generator set is 100KW*80%=80KW. That is, the common power of the standby 100KW diesel generator set is 80KW. If the diesel generator set is equipped with a static speaker, then the power of the generator set will fall, generally by about 10%. Therefore, when the user chooses diesel generator set, should consider the power decline of static speaker.

150kw diesel generator factory

Power calibration

Diesel generator set is a combination of diesel engine and synchronous alternator. The maximum power of diesel engine is limited by the mechanical and thermal load of parts, so it is necessary to specify the maximum power for continuous operation called calibration power.

The diesel engine cannot be used beyond the calibration power, otherwise it will shorten its service life and may even cause accidents.

(1) calibration power of diesel engine; According to the national standard, the calibration power on the diesel engine nameplate is divided into the following four categories;

1)15min power: that is, the maximum power that the diesel engine can run for 15min. It may be overloaded in a short time and require calibration power with acceleration performance, such as the calibration power of automobile, motorcycle and other diesel engines.

2) 1H power: that is, the maximum effective power of the diesel engine allowed to run continuously for 1H. Such as wheeled tractors, locomotives, ships and other diesel engine calibration power.

3)12h power: that is, the maximum effective power of the diesel engine allowed to run continuously for 12h, which is often referred to as the rated power. Such as power station units, construction machinery with diesel engine calibration power.

4) Continuous power: that is, the maximum power that the diesel engine can run continuously for a long time.

150kw diesel generator factory

The working principle

A diesel engine drives a generator that converts diesel energy into electricity.

In THE diesel engine cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air filter and the HIGH pressure atomized diesel spray nozzle is fully mixed, under the extrusion of the piston, the volume shrinks, the temperature rises rapidly, and the ignition point of diesel is reached. Diesel is ignited, the mixture of gas burning violently, the volume of rapid expansion, push the piston down, called 'work'. Each cylinder works in a certain order, and the thrust force acting on the piston becomes the force driving the crankshaft rotation through the connecting rod, thus driving the crankshaft rotation.

When the brushless synchronous alternator is installed coaxial with the crankshaft of the diesel engine, the rotation of the diesel engine can be used to drive the rotor of the generator. By using the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the generator will output the induced electromotive force and generate current through the closed load loop.

Diesel generator set belongs to a type of AC power supply equipment of self-supplied power station. It is a small independent power generation equipment, which is powered by internal combustion engine and drives synchronous alternator to generate electricity.

Modern diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine, three-phase AC brushless synchronous generator, control box (screen), radiator tank, coupling, fuel tank, muffler and common base and other components of the steel whole. Diesel engine flywheel shell to the front end cover of the generator axial convex shoulder positioning direct connection is adopted to form an organic whole, and USES the cylindrical elastic coupling by the rotation of the flywheel direct drive generators, its connection mode by the screw together, make the connection into a steel body, guarantee the concentricity of the crankshaft of diesel engine and the generator rotor within the prescribed scope.

In order to reduce the vibration of the unit, the connection between the main components of the diesel engine, generator, water tank and electrical control box and the common base is usually equipped with shock absorbers or rubber shock absorbers.

The main purpose of generating set

Diesel generator set is a kind of small and medium power generation equipment. It has the advantages of flexibility, less investment, easy to start and so on, widely used in communication, mining, road building, forest, farmland irrigation, field construction and national defense engineering and other departments. Diesel generator set is also a kind of AC power supply equipment in self-supplied power station.

Diesel generator set is suitable for the utility grid can not be transmitted to the communication station, mining area, forest area, pastoral area and national defense engineering and other occasions, the requirements can be independent power supply, power and lighting of the main power supply. For the areas with mains power supply, the power supply reliability is high, and the units that do not allow power failure and require power restoration within a few seconds, such as communications, banks, hotels, airports and other important departments, can be used as emergency backup power supply, once the mains power failure can quickly provide stable AC power.

The main requirements for diesel generator set are that it can automatically start power generation at any time, operate reliably, ensure the voltage and frequency of power supply, and meet the requirements of mechanical and electrical equipment.

Performance class of diesel generator sets

National Standard GB/ T2820.1-1997 "Alternating Current Generating Sets driven by Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines" Part I: Purpose, Quota and performance Article 7 specifies four levels of performance for diesel generating sets.

(1) Level G1 performance requirements apply to connected loads where only the basic parameters of voltage and frequency are specified. Mainly used for general purposes such as lighting and other simple electrical loads.

(2) class G2 performance requirements apply to loads that have the same requirements for voltage characteristics as public power systems. There may be temporary but permissible voltage and frequency deviations when its load varies. Such as lighting systems, pumps and fans.

(3) Class G3 performance requirements are applicable to connected devices that have strict requirements on frequency, voltage and waveform characteristics. Such as radio communications and thyristor rectifier control of the load.

(4) Level G4 performance requirements are suitable for loads with particularly strict requirements for frequency, voltage and waveform characteristics. Such as data-processing equipment or computer systems.

Environmental requirements

The rated power should be output under the following three conditions, and can work reliably.

The unit shall be able to output the specified power (correction allowed) and operate reliably under the following conditions.

(1) The altitude does not exceed 4000m.

(2) The upper limit of ambient temperature is 40℃, 45℃ and 50℃;

The lower limit value is 5℃, -15℃, -25℃ and -40℃.

(3) Relative humidity, condensation and mold

(1) Comprehensive factors should be listed in Table 1-4.

(2) After the mold growth test of the electrical parts of the long fog unit, the surface mold growth grade should not exceed. GB/T2423.16-1999

Grade 2 as stipulated in Environmental Test of Electrical and Electronic Products.

The on-site conditions under which the unit operates shall be clearly determined by the user and shall be subject to any special hazardous conditions, such as explosive atmospheric environment

And flammable gas to explain.

150kw diesel generator factory

Installation Requirements:

1. No less than 1 meter space should be left around the diesel generator set, and the end of the water tank should have a ventilation window according to the size of the tank core. This requirement is the minimum size of the machine room of the unit, which can be enlarged according to the needs of the user.

2. The foundation of the diesel generator set should be built on the hard ground. After tamping, the concrete ground with 200mm thickness should be made, and the ground should be smooth.

3, the user in the construction of the machine room, should be embedded in the roof above the unit for lifting I-beam (≤250KW is not required), for future maintenance.

4. The machine room should be well ventilated, and the ground should be smooth and non-slip.

5. The inner diameter of the exhaust pipe of the unit should not be less than the diameter of the exhaust port of the diesel engine, the elbow should not be more than 3, the elbow Angle should be greater than 90 degrees, and the exhaust pipe should have support or lifting bracket to ensure that the muffler of the unit and the supercharger are not forced.

6, the room should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire tools.


The diesel generator set consists of diesel engine, AC synchronous generator, control panel, chassis, coupling, radiator, fuel tank and so on. Some are also equipped with mufflers and enclosures. The shaft of diesel engine and generator is directly connected. Usually the spindle is also equipped with a flywheel to increase the smoothness of operation. Diesel generator set is generally assembled by the manufacturer for the supply of complete sets of units; Also some are according to the power load and its characteristics, determine the capacity and number of generators, and then choose the diesel engine driving the generator. The equipment of fuel system and starting air system can be configured separately for each unit or can be configured centrally for multiple units.


There are many types of diesel generator sets, mainly the following eight categories

(1) According to the engine fuel classification; It can be divided into diesel generator set and composite fuel generator set

(2) according to the speed classification; It can be divided into high speed, medium speed and low speed diesel generator sets

(3) According to the conditions of use, it can be divided into land use, Marine, trailer type and automobile type diesel generator set. Among them, land generating set: including mobile and fixed. The land unit can be divided into four types: ordinary type, automatic type, low noise type and low noise automatic type.

(4) According to the generator output voltage and frequency classification: can be divided into AC generator set and DC generator set. Alternating current generating set; Including IF 40HZ and power frequency 50HZ. The metering voltage of small and medium generating sets with 50HZ power frequency is generally 400V; The calibration voltage of large generators is generally 6.3~10.5kV.

(5) According to the excitation mode of synchronous generator classification: can be divided into rotating AC exciter and static exciter.

1) Rotating AC exciter excitation system, including AC exciter static rectifier excitation system and then brushless excitation system

2) Static exciter excitation system, including voltage source static exciter excitation system, AC side series composite voltage source static exciter excitation system and harmonic (or fundamental) auxiliary winding excitation system

(6) Classification by use

1) Common unit

This kind of generator sets run all year round, generally located far away from the power network (or called electricity) area or near industrial and mining enterprises,

To meet the construction, production and living electricity in these places. In areas with rapid economic development, due to the construction of power grids

Unable to keep up with the needs of users and set up short construction cycle of common diesel generator sets to meet the needs of users. This type of generator set

The general capacity is large, provides continuous power supply to non-constant loads, has no limit on continuous operation time, and allows each

The overload power supply time is 1 hour within 12 hours, and the overload capacity is 10% of the rated output power. This kind of unit because of its running time

For longer, heavier loads, the allowable power relative to the limit power of the unit is set to a low point.

2) Standby unit

Under normal circumstances, the power required by the user is supplied by the mains. When the mains power is cut off or the power supply is interrupted due to other reasons, the power supply is protected

A generator set for basic production and living. This type of generator set is always used in the telecommunications sector, hospitals, municipal electricity supply

Should be nervous industrial and mining enterprises, airports and television stations and other important power units. This type of unit is always in standby state and can be constant to non-constant

Constant load provides continuous power supply

3) Emergency unit

For electric equipment that will cause great losses or personal accidents due to sudden interruption of mains power, emergency generator sets are often set up for these devices

Standby emergency power supply, such as high-rise building fire fighting system, evacuation lighting, elevator, automatic production line control system, important

Communications systems and medical equipment that is being used to perform important operations with patients. This type of unit should be able to fast when the mains is suddenly interrupted

Fast start operation, and in the shortest time to provide a stable AC power supply to the load, to ensure timely power supply to the load, this

Unit automation requires higher degree

(7) According to the mode of control and operation, it can be divided into on-site operation generator set, compartment operation generator set and automatic generator set.

1) Operate the generator set on site. The operator starts, closes, speeds, switches, and stops the generator set in the equipment room. The vibration, noise, oil mist and exhaust gas produced by the operation of this type of generator set have adverse effects on the body of the operator.

2) Operate the generator set in separate rooms. The machine room and control room of this type of generator set are set separately. Operators start, speed control and stop the diesel generator set in the machine room, monitor the operating parameters of the unit, and implement centralized control of auxiliary machines in the machine room. Compartmental operation can improve the working environment of the operator.

3) Automatic generating set. After all the relevant units of study for many years, diesel generator set automation can realize unattended, including the unit from the start, automatic voltage regulator, automatic frequency control, automatic load, and car, according to the load size automatically increase or decrease in the unit, automatic processing fault, automatic recording, printing units in the mains interruption after 10-15 s automatic start, instead of a mains power supply.

(8) According to the classification of automation function, it can be divided into basic diesel generator set, automatic start diesel generator set and microcomputer automatic control diesel generator set.

1) The basic diesel generator set is more common, which is composed of diesel engine, enclosed water tank, oil tank, muffler, synchronous alternator, excitation voltage regulating device, control box, coupling and chassis. The basic diesel generator set has automatic voltage and speed regulation function. Generally, it can be used as the active or standby power supply.

2) Automatic start diesel generator set is to add automatic control system on the basis of basic diesel generator set. It has the function of automatic startup. When the mains suddenly outage, the unit can automatically start, automatically switch, automatically run, automatically send points and automatic shutdown functions; When the oil pressure is too low, oil temperature or cooling water temperature is too high, it can automatically send out an audible and visual alarm signal; When the unit overspeed, can automatically emergency stop, protect the generator set.

3) The microcomputer automatic control diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine, three-phase brushless synchronous generator, automatic fuel supply device, automatic oil supply device, automatic cooling water supply device and automatic control cabinet. Automatic control application programmable logic controller (PLC) control. In addition to its self-starting, self-switching, self-running, self-input and self-stopping functions, it is equipped with various fault alarm and automatic protection devices. In addition, it is connected with the main computer through RS232 communication interface, centralized control, remote control, remote communication and remote control

150kw diesel generator factory

The unit match

In order to ensure that the unit reaches the technical indexes, the diesel engine and the generator must be well matched when the unit is designed and manufactured, which includes two aspects: power and speed. The power of diesel engine refers to the effective power that can be achieved by the normal operation of diesel engine for 12 hours continuously at rated speed. The power of a synchronous generator is the rated power obtained at the output terminal during long-term continuous operation at rated speed. The ratio of the rated power of the diesel engine (HP) to the rated power of the synchronous generator (kW) is usually called the matching ratio. The units used on the plain generally require matching ratio of 1.6:1; For some mobile power stations with high requirements, the matching ratio is 2:1. Speed matching requirements are also very strict. Speed and power of the unit, frequency, voltage and so on have close relations, thus requirements and generator diesel engine must have a good performance and reliable work of governor, to ensure that in a short time the generator to its rated speed and stable operation, but also can satisfy the requirement of load change on speed.

The unit running

Diesel generator set can be single unit operation, also can be multiple parallel operation and integrated into the power system operation. The operation of a single unit is limited by many conditions: if its power meets the requirements of heavy load conditions, the operation economy of the unit will be reduced in light load operation, and the capacity of the standby unit should be the same as that of the operating unit. The use of multiple units in parallel operation and integrated into the grid operation can expand the power supply capacity, improve the reliability of power supply, its standby unit can have one, relatively reduce the capacity of the standby unit. To realize parallel operation, the following four conditions should be met: (1) the terminal voltage is equal; ② Equal frequency; (3) consistent phase; (4) Consistent phase sequence. At the same time, there should be operation protection device, which can automatically allocate and adjust the active and reactive power reasonably, so that the frequency modulation characteristic curve and voltage regulation characteristic curve between units tend to be close.

The characteristics

Diesel generator set and steam turbine generator set compared, has the following characteristics :① each unit output volume is small, light weight, simple system, generally for the overall supporting. Therefore, diesel power station construction speed is fast. The thermal efficiency of diesel power generation is higher, and the fuel consumption per unit of output does not change much under partial or light load. The starting, load and downtime of diesel generator set are shorter, it can start at any time, and it is more suitable for emergency power supply. The operation and maintenance of diesel generator set is simpler and more convenient than that of steam turbine generator set. However, diesel generator sets also have some disadvantages :① only liquid fuel can be used, and the fuel price is more expensive, so the electric energy cost is higher. ② Diesel engine wear is larger, life is shorter, maintenance is more frequent. Operation stability and over load capacity than steam power plant. ③ The vibration and noise of the unit in operation are large, and the operating conditions of the workers are poor. (4) The magnetic pole surface of the generator must be equipped with a brake coil to facilitate the start and stop of the unit. " (GB-3096-82) in the second zone standard, the field test day ≤55dB (A), night ≤45dB (A) to eliminate noise pollution.

150kw diesel generator factory

Common troubleshooting methods

1. The battery is insufficient -- check the battery charge.

2. Loose battery wire and plug -- check and tighten the battery wire and plug.

3, intermediate relay failure - check whether the intermediate relay is normal.

4, starter fault - repair starter.

5. Oil supply system is not smooth; No OIL supply -- exhaust the air in the fuel system, dredge the pipeline to make the fuel smooth, check the oil pump, clean the initial filter screen.

6. Poor contact between the start button and the start loop -- replace the button and check the start loop.

7, the oil injection nozzle no oil spray (oil supply is not smooth)- check whether the oil road between the oil tank and the oil pump is leaking and blocked.

8. The fuel system is permeated with air -- open the exhaust screw to check the oil.

9, injection pump injection time is not accurate or injection pump failure - reset injection pump time.

10. The governor operating handle is not in the right position -- when starting, put the governor handle in the no-load position.

11. Circuit faults such as electric regulating board, actuator and speed sensor -- check the corresponding equipment and circuit respectively.