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PE/PP/ABS/PC/PS PE/PP/ABS/PC/PS Water-drawn Single-screw Granulation Line
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PE/PP/ABS/PC/PS PE/PP/ABS/PC/PS Water-drawn Single-screw Granulation Line

Product Description

PE/PP/ABS/PC/PS PE/PP/ABS/PC/PS Water-drawn single-screw granulation line


SJ- 120



Power supply

3Phase/380V/50HZ    (customizable)

Gear box

model:120    (Main extruder )


Main   extruder   diameter:   120mm   length:   2400mm   material:   38CR EXHAUST SCREW, origin: Zhoushan

Motor: 45KW (Main Extruder) frequency conversion start (main extruder)

Die Head

Starting Power: Screw Heating, Heating Power:  10KW Heating System: electromagnetic heating 60KW

Starting Power (hydraulic starting) : 2.2 kw , net board diameter: 220mm *

220mm heating power: 20KW    Heating System: Ceramic Heating


Size: 800mm * 800mm

Control System

Zone   8  /   4   START,   electrical   accessories   brand:   Chint,   contactor: Schneider

Cooling system

Size:3000*400*350mm    MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

Diced system

Alloy hob with automatic speed regulation

Cut-up Size: 3-4 mm

4. Technical Documentation

All necessary documents such as general layout plan, current diagram and user manual will be provided upon completion of the contract.

5. Check, install and test

  After notifying the inspection machine, the customer can send an engineer

to our factory or entrust our company Hengtuo machinery to finish the final inspection.

After the machine is delivered to the customer's factory, please arrange the preparation work before the arrival of the engineer if required.

After the preparation work is finished, we will arrange the technicians to the factory.

It is the responsibility of the technician to guide the customer to install and participate in the testing of the machine.

At the same time, the technicians will provide free training courses for the workers in the customers'factories.

  The client will be responsible for the cost ofAir Fare (two-way) and $80 per

technician per day.

  There must be room and board.

6. Guarantees of quantity and quality

Difference in Quantity / quality arriving at the port of destination during transport 。  If there is a discrepancy in the quantity / quality arriving at the port of destination during the period of shipment, the customer shall file a

claim within 30 days of the arrival of the goods at the port of destination.

7. Period of validity, 15 days after quotation.