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Sewing Machine
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Sewing Machine

Product Description

Bras,briefs, corset, swimwear,sportswear and other knitted elastic ribbon sewing. Effect to be achieved:
-In the sewing of elastic materials (such as fabric tape, binding tape), to deliver elastic materials stably and synchronized with the sewing machine.Able to put additional tension on the elastic material while delivering, in order to control the tightness of sewing.
Feature Highlights:
High-precision pressure sensor inside, can be set up to 8 different sections of tape tension in a sewing operation,and switch circularly between the sections through the knee switch (standard part). Also support for automatic switching (optional part:to be equipped with SY needle counter).
Touch LCD display control panel, Chinese & English interface.
Can be stored up to 12 different setting programs of tape tension, tension compensation and sensitivity in memory.
When lifting the presser foot of the sewing machine, you can switch to the non-tension state through a knee switch(standard part) or a foot switch (optional part).
Sound alarm when stuck or fault.
With electric anti-knotting device in standard configuration, to prevent elastic tape knot.
Main body and power box separating design, suitable for upper feeding, side feeding and bottom feeding. Applicable to all kinds of brand models: Zigzag Machine,Interlock Machine, Overlock Machine.
The main Body and holder are made of aluminum alloy, lightweight and sturdy.

 ModelMQ2-S Side Feeding Electronic Synchronization Elastic Tape Feeder
 Feeding Directionside feeding
 Fit ModelsApplicable to all kinds of brand models: Zigzag Machinerlnterlock Machine. Overlock Machine
 Delay setting 28Levels (45-1500ms) delay stop setting
Feeding Width64mm Each
AC220V/110V (Must be stated at the time of order)